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Art-Up design coat-hooks

Art-Up collection coat-hooks are practical, functional and beautiful to see when not used. They became real decorative items, to enhance and personalize your home walls.

Choose your style

The wide range of colours and graphical options, allow you to create your own style. Art-Up design coat-hooks are a piece of furniture that summarizes technology, innovation, beauty, art and functionality. They’re suitable for every room, from the entryway to the bathroom, from the office to the open spaces.


Art-Up have been conceived by CDT design studio.
With the letters of the Alphabet Art-Up, you can compose on the walls names, initials, words to remember. You can buy them for yourself or for making an original and very personal gift, such as choosing the initials of the names of each family member.


Art-Up coat-hooks are made with HPL stratified laminate, an hi-tech and innovative material, resistant and crushproof.

The support to fix them to the wall is made of stainless steel, so it doesn’t rust and the Art-Up can also be used in external spaces, in the bathroom and in the kitchen.


The size of the Art-Up are relatively low, in order to facilitate the use in every room: 11 cm diameter, and a 7 cm overhang from the wall.

Art-Up coat-hooks are easy to fix on the walls, thanks to the equipped mounting kit, which provides fischers for standard or drywall walls.



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