The Duchesse bag is handmade in real shiny crocodile leather. Each bag is numbered as each piece is unique and never identical to another. Duchesse is a “jewel” and Nobel bag, born from the balance of three elements inspired by the geometries and nuances typical of the 60s. The front is in bright colored crocodile, the sides and back are in pastel-colored leather, the details in matt crocodile create a chromatic link between the various parts. The iconic “Duchesse bag” model represents the contemporary spirit of the brand that reinterprets precious materials in a contemporary key: it is designed for an elegant woman looking for a unique accessory. She light and very resistant. Our leather is odorless and tanned according to the highest dyeing standards to avoid bad odors and toxicity. Maison Lazaar products are of high craftsmanship made in Italy, are eco-sensitive and are made following a certification and traceability program concerning sustainability, animal welfare and the environmental impact of production processes. Our work is done strictly by hand, so it can have small imperfections that constitute value and uniqueness. We create products in precious leathers, fabrics and exotic materials with a refined design and high aesthetic knowledge, combining tradition and innovation, constancy and passion typical of the best made in Italy.