Created by Rawan with her vision that entails good quality beauty, fashion and lifestyle products as a right of every girl, every woman at all stages in life, House of Rawan redefines the ruling of high-end, empowering products with a pricing that supports one and all!

The brand is devoted at being the go-to beauty house around the globe. Using her fashion sense as her paintbrush, her choice of medium for self-expression – a way to project a woman’s many roles in life, Rawan’s unapologetic take on beauty take forward her ideas on empowering people around her.

Whether it’s a vivid red shade of lipstick, representing the glamourous, boss woman taking over an evening, an inspiring mother’s choice of a lingering, floral note, all the way to a young diva’s selection of fun, colored contact lenses, House of Rawan brings together the most imaginable products for all women. Our fabulous and fresh brand of authenticity is relevant to today’s looks but comes from a deep understanding and inspiration from the various roles of a woman’s life.

The source of the brand’s creativity lie in Rawan’s Middle Eastern roots with its rich and diverse notions of beauty, collaborated with the minimalistic, distinctive vibe of the west, to ensure her ideas of beauty and fashion for all keep pace with her vision.

Starting the journey, the first product range by the brand “Rawan’s Essentials” are the five universal shades of lipsticks that are versatile, buildable, playful and very pretty! Carefully made by the finest producers in Canada, the matte-textured lipsticks stand apart from the rest, specially formulated to complement skin of all ethnicities.

House of Rawan aims to unleash the capability to innovate and produce world-class beauty, fashion and lifestyle products aligned with the latest trends of fashion appealing to women. Youthful and innovative introducing rich ideas and inspiration from both parts of the world, the brand is creative and personalized to make beauty and fashion all about the woman, in an exotic, fashionable and fun way.