About L'Mane

The contemporary luxury brand reinventing modern elegance.

Launched in 2015, Dubai-based, contemporary luxury label L'Mane was incepted by talented designer Lina Mane as an ode to her vision to create uniquely stunning ready-to-wear pieces for the modern style connoisseur. This vision was supported with vintage cuts, textured fabrics, and an innate passion to create pieces that stood out for their elegance and visionary conceptualization. Infusing a nonchalant elegance into each one of her pieces, the designer's eponymous label strives to create thoughtful designs of the highest qualities.

Honing her talent across different cities and institutions (think cosmopolitan fashion capitals like Milan and Mumbai), Lina brings an amalgamation of couture-like craftsmanship and ready-to-wear sensibility to each one of her pieces; with a broader global understanding. Combining tailored silhouettes, intricate beadwork (think Swarovski crystal details), and customized fabrics (making each design your own), L'Mane is at the forefront of creating exquisite designs.

With an innate passion for design and developed talent for understanding how craftsmanship works, Lina's designs at L'Mane are exactly what the fashion world needs.